Sound Engineering Explained

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Designed with the student in mind, information is organised according to level of difficulty. An understanding of the basic principles is essential to anyone wishing to make successful recordings and so chapters are split into two parts: the first introducing the basic theories in a non-technical way; the second dealing with the subject in more depth. Key facts are clearly identified in separate boxes and further information for the more advanced reader is indicated in shaded boxes. In addition, questions are provided (with answers supplied at the end of the book) as a teaching and learning aid. Sound Engineering Explained is ideal for both serious audio amateurs any student studying audio for the first time, in particular those preparing for Part One exams of the City & Guilds Sound Engineering (1820) course. Learn from the beginning about audio techniquesClearly written for ease of understandingCovers the latest advances in technology to keep you completely informed


Sound waves; Hearing and the nature of sound; Basic acoustics; Microphones; Using microphones; Monitoring; Stereo; Sound Mixers; Controlling levels; Digital audio; Recording; Public address; Music and sound effects; Safety; Copyright; Miscellaneous data; Further reading


"In all, the book promotes a good understanding of the principles and precesses involved with recording or reproducing audio, in a well written manner by an author who has obviously trodden the road many times." Lighting & Sound 'I highly recommend this book to students preparing for Part 1 of the City & Guilds programme in Sound Engineering (1820).' John Mizzi Reviews of the previous edition: '...a light, informative and well-crafted book.' A teacher of sound recording 'This is one of those books that tells you a little more than you thought you knew, even if you thought you knew quite a bit! There are also some good sections where the author politely and effectively debunks possible preconceptions that readers might have...Recommended.' Journal of Educational Media, 1999
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