The Chamber Cantatas of Antonio Vivaldi

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Detailed survey of Vivaldi's unjustly neglected chamber cantatas, showing them to stand comparison with his more famous works.


One of the joys of reading this book is that the author's love for the music, alongside his willingness to call a spade a spade, comes through again and again...there is something wonderfully attractive about Talbot's engagement with the music. MUSIC & LETTERSThere are welcome insights and why (the cantatas) were written, and by whom and for whom they were performed...a work-by-work description of each cantata provides reference material for most of us...Talbot writes with clarity and judgement, and a total lack of jargon...highly recommended. MUSICAL TIMES It is refreshing and stimulating to read a book whose author believes that his job is to establish facts and to impart understanding from which the reader may learn...Moreover it is heartening that he is so keen to encourage performance...this (is a) fine study. EARLY MUSIC (Andrew V Jones)As one has come to expect from Michael Talbot, this is a brilliant book...With all the facts apparently at his fingertips and all the music in his head, he succeeds in placing where Vivaldi stood in the development of the form...this book should be presented to postgraduate students as a model of how to write about music. - EARLY MUSIC REVIEW (Clifford Bartlett)This beautifully-written book can be recommended to people with a general interest in the baroque as well as specialists. THE CONSORT (Robert Manning)A standard work that deserves a hallowed place, not only on library shelves, but also in the collection of Vivaldi enthusiasts. TOCCATA
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