An Introduction to the Philosophy of History

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Comprehensive and engaging, this work focuses on the convergence of history, philosophy and social science. Tackling a wide range of topics--such as truth, objectivity, explanation, communication and narrative, gender, deconstruction, postmodernism, and more--the book affords readers a deeper and wider perspective of philosophical problems.


Preface. Introduction. A. The Importance and Fascination of History. B. Popularity of History. C. Contemporary Neglect of the Philosophy of History. D. Present State of the Philosophy of History. E. How the Philosophy of History relates to Other Disciplines. F. The Philosophy of History and Contemporary Concerns. G. Future Possibilities of the Philosophy of History. Part I: History, Philosophy and the Social Sciences:. A. The Corners of the Triangle. B. History and the Social Sciences -- the right--hand side. C. Philosophy and the Social Sciences -- the base. D. Philosophy and History -- the left--hand side. Part II: Main Themes:. A. History is Important but Reliable?. B. Objectivity in History. C. Evidence. D. Truth. E. Social Processes and Frameworks. F. Teleology. G. Pattern, Structure and Colligation. Part III: Cause and Explanation:. A. Causes. B. Explanation in General. C. Statistical Explanation. Part IV: Explanation in the Social Sciences and History:. A. Explanation in the Social Sciences. B. Explanation in History. Part V: Science, History and Historicism:. A. Science and History compared. B. Science and History contrasted: Structure, Time and Meaning. C. Historicism. Part VI: Mind:. A. Mind and the Historian. B. Imagination and Understanding. C. Action. Part VII: Meaning:. A. Language. B. Hermeneutics. C. Political Correctness. Part VIII: "Only Connect":. A. Communication and Culture. B. Narrative. Part IX: The End of History?: . A. The Linguistic Turn in History. B. The Loss of the Object. C. From the Enlightenment to Postmodernism. D. No End -- No Beginning.


Michael Stanford held the position of Senior Lecturer in History at the University of the West of England until his retirement in 1983. He co--edits the journal Cogito and is the author of The Nature of Historical Knowledge (1986) and a Companion of the Study of History (1994).
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