Self-Doped Conducting Polymers

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April 2007



Self-Doped Conducting Polymers provides an introduction to conducting polymers in general and self-doped conducting polymers in particular. This is followed by an in depth exploration of the synthesis, properties and utilization of several types of self-doped polymers. Optimization of self-doped polymers is also discussed.


1. Introduction. 1.1 Conducting Polymers. 1.2 What Are Self-doped Conducting Polymers? 1.3 Types of Self-doped Polymers. 1.4 Doping Mechanism in Self-doped Polymers. 1.5 Effect of Substituents on Properties of Polymer. 1.6 Applications of Self-doped Polymers. References. 2. Self-doped Derivatives of Polyaniline. 2.0 Introduction. 2.1 Chemical Synthesis of Sulfonic Acid Derivatives. 2.2 Electrochemical Synthesis of Sulfonic Acid Derivatives. 2.3 Enzymatic Synthesis of Sulfonic Acid Derivatives. 2.4 Properties of Sulfonic Acid Derivatives. 2.5 Synthesis and Characterization of Carboxyl Acid Derivatives. 2.6 Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphonic Acid Derivatives. 2.7 Self-doped Polyaniline Nanostructures. References. 3. Boronic acid Substituted Self-doped Polyaniline. 3.1 Introduction. 3.2 Synthesis. 3.3 Properties of Self-doped PABA. 3.4 Self-Cross-Linked Self-doped Polyaniline. 3.5 Applications. References. 4. Self-doped Polythiophenes. 4.1 Sulfonic Acid Derivatives. 4.2 Carboxylate Derivatives. 4.3 Phosphanate Derivatives. References. 5. Miscellaneous Self-doped Polymers. 5.1 Self-doped Sulfonated Polypyrrole. 5.2 Carboxyl Acid Derivative. 5.3 Self-doped Poly(3,6-carbaz-9-yl)propanesulfonate. 5.4 Self-doped Poly(p-phenylenes). 5.5Self-doped Polyphenylenevinylene. 5.6 Self-doped Poly(indole-5-carboxylic acid). 5.7 Self-doped Ionically Conducting Polymers. References.


"...a timely book for those active in this specific area and should also be acquired by all good scientific libraries." (Reactive and Functional Polymers, March 2007) "An especially pleasing feature of the reference is that the title of the papers are given..." (Angewandte International Edition, November 2007)
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