Number Theory in Function Fields

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Januar 2002



Early in the development of number theory, it was noticed that the ring of integers has many properties in common with the ring of polynomials over a finite field. The first part of this book illustrates this relationship by presenting analogues of various theorems. The later chapters probe the analogy between global function fields and algebraic number fields. Topics include the ABC-conjecture, Brumer-Stark conjecture, and Drinfeld modules.


* Polynomials over Finite Fields * Primes, Arithmetic Functions, and the Zeta Function * The Reciprocity Law * Dirichlet L-series and Primes in an Arithmetic Progression * Algebraic Function Fields and Global Function Fields * Weil Differentials and the Canonical Class * Extensions of Function Fields, Riemann-Hurwitz, and the ABC Theorem * Constant Field Extensions * Galois Extensions - Artin and Hecke L-functions * Artin's Primitive Root Conjecture * The Behavior of the Class Group in Constant Field Extensions * Cyclotomic Function Fields * Drinfeld Modules, An Introduction * S-Units, S-Class Group, and the Corresponding L-functions * The Brumer-Stark Conjecture * Class Number Formulas in Quadratic and Cyclotomic Function Fields * Average Value Theorems in Function Fields




Michael Rosen is a hugely bestselling author of poetry. Michael frequently appears on radio and gives talks. He is the Children's Laureate for 2007-2009 and the winner of the Eleanor Farjeon Award for services to children's literature. Michael lives in London.


From the reviews:
"Both in the large (choice and arrangement of the material) and in the details (accuracy and completeness of proofs, quality of explanations and motivating remarks), the author did a marvelous job. His parallel treatment of topics...for both number and function fields demonstrates the strong interaction between the respective arithmetics, and allows for motivation on either side."
Bulletin of the AMS
"... Which brings us to the book by Michael Rosen. In it, one has an excellent (and, to the author's knowledge, unique) introduction to the global theory of function fields covering both the classical theory of Artin, Hasse, Weil and presenting an introduction to Drinfeld modules (in particular, the Carlitz module and its exponential). So the reader will find the basic material on function fields and their history (i.e., Weil differentials, the Riemann-Roch Theorem etc.) leading up to Bombieri's proof of the Riemann hypothesis first established by Weil. In addition one finds chapters on Artin's primitive root Conjecture for function fields, Brumer-Stark theory, the ABC Conjecture, results on class numbers and so on. Each chapter contains a list of illuminating exercises. Rosen's book is perfect for graduate students, as well as other mathematicians, fascinated by the amazing similarities between number fields and function fields."
David Goss (Ohio State University)
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