QoS Management of Web Services

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Februar 2015



Quality-of-Service (QoS) is normally used to describe the non-functional characteristics of Web services and as a criterion for evaluating different Web services. QoS Management of Web Services presents a new distributed QoS evaluation framework for these services. Moreover, three QoS prediction methods and two methods for creating fault-tolerant Web services are also proposed in this book. It not only provides the latest research results, but also presents an excellent overview of QoS management of Web sciences, making it a valuable resource for researchers and graduate students in service computing. Zibin Zheng is an associate research fellow at the Shenzhen Research Institute, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China. Professor Michael R. Lyu also works at the same institute.


Background Review.
QoS Evaluation of Web Services.
Neighborhood-based QoS Prediction of Web Services.
Model-based QoS Prediction of Web Services.
Ranking-based QoS Prediction of Web Services.
QoS-aware Fault Tolerance for Web Services.
QoS-aware Selection Framework for Web Services.
Conclusion and Future Work.


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