A Population History of North America

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Professors Haines and Steckel bring together leading scholars to present a population history of North America.


1. Introduction Michael R. Haines and Richard H. Steckel; 2. Population history of North American Indians Russell Thornton; 3. Patterns of disease in early North American populations Douglas H. Ubelaker; 4. The population of New France and Quebec 1608-1790 Hubert Charbonneau, Bertrand Desjardins, and Jacques Legare; 5. The white population of the colonial United States 1607-1790 Hank Gemery; 6. The African-American population of the Colonial United States Lorena Walsh; 7. The population of Mexico from its origins to the Revolution of 1910 Robert McCaa; 8. The White Population of the United States, 1790-1920 Michael R. Haines; 9. Canada in the nineteenth century Marvin McInnis; 10. The African-American population of the United States, 1790-1920 Richard H. Steckel; 11. A population history of the Caribbean Stanley L. Engerman; 12. Canada in the twentieth century Marvin McInnis; 13. Mexico's demographic expansion: 1920 to 1990 Zadia Feliciano; 14. The population of the United States since 1920 Richard Easterlin; 15. Concluding comments Michael R. Haines and Richard H. Steckel.


"The growth of our knowledge of demographic history is wonderfully illustrated by both the size and the content of this book, edited by two of the leading figures in the study of the population history of North America. In more than 700 pages they and their collaborators enumerate the broad trends and many of the fine details of that history, and leave the readers with a wealth of understanding about an important topic...In addition to the valuable introduction and conclusion provided by the editors, the chapters include superb bibliographies and bibliographical essays, all of them useful, up-to-date, and brief." Myron P. Gutmann, Population and Development Review "This collection of 14 literate and thoughtfully crafted essays by specialists in demographic study drawn from anthropology, economics, and elsewhere is destined to become a standard one-volume reference." Choice "This collection of 13 chapters authoritatively informs the reader about the histories of three major populations of North America ...This volume will be useful to all scholars in providing expert guides to the demographic histories and reviews of the literature on the regions and largest racial groups of North America. The subject index is useful, as are appendices tabulating the basic demographic numbers for the several regions." Tearsheet From William & Mary Quarterly "it is an essential contribution and will be regarded as indispensable authority in its fast-evolving field." Choice April 2001 "Readers will find here a collection of excellent references." American Journl of Human Biology "...deserves a wide readership, and its insights deserve to be integrated into larger historical literatures...they have provided a fine history...which will be of use to historians in all fields for many years to come." The Journal of American History "...the editors have done an excellent job in compliling this volume. Each chapter is well organized, and the subheadings help the reader to recognize which information will be found in each section. Most importantly, the editors ensure that common themes and topics of the demographic system are strategically covered in each chapter whenever possible...the essays are lucidly argued and the demographic terminology and equations extemsively explained in the appendix, making the volume an essential reference for anyone conducting research or teaching in any area of historical demography or related fields."
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