Charles Dickens on the Screen

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Provides a critical commentary on the noteworthy Dickens dramatizations from 1897 to 1993. Contains a catalog of more than 130 movies and 220 TV presentations.


Michael Pointer has had a lifelong interest in movies, and now concentrates on film and television dramatizations made from famous literature.


A lively and comprehensive survey of the many attempts throughout the world to translate Dickens's novels to large and small screens... Nineteenth-Century Literature This is no dull chronology. Pointer is a writer of verve and vitality who is both a Dickens scholar and a film historian. His narrative is full of interesting historical detail and astute critical commentary...a fine reference book and, for those interested in film history, an interesting read. American Reference Books Annual ...performs its scholarly service well...tell[s] us is everything we ever wanted to know and more about filmed adaptations of invaluable resource. Dickens Quarterly ...evaluations are enlightening and fair...a good source for learning how classic literature can be adapted to suit the restrictions of different media and new audiences... The Big Reel engaging and informative text examining a book first published in the holiday season. There is already an excellent general survey of screen adaptations. Classic Images Surveys the range of film, television, and video adaptations of Dickens' work, describing obscure and popular productions from the silent film era to the present. Reference and Research Book News
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