Democracy Declassified

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September 2014



Democracy Declassified tackles an enduring question of particular current importance: How do democratic governments balance the need for foreign policy secrecy with accountability to the public? Secrecy has national security uses, but it can also be abused.


Acknowledgements ; Introduction ; Contents ; I Democracy Classified: The Uses of Secrecy ; 1 Theories of Democratic Transparency and Foreign Policy Success ; 2 Not So Exceptional: The Theory, Uses, and Reality of National Security ; Secrecy in Democracies ; II The Abuses of Secrecy and Public Consent ; 3 The Potential Abuses of National Security Secrecy ; 4 The Consequences of Potential Abuse for Public Consent ; III Democracy Declassified: the Dilemma and Oversight ; 5 Solving the Secrecy Dilemma ; 6 The Consequences of National Security Oversight in Democracies ; IV The Evidence ; 7 A View of National Security Oversight Institutions ; 8 Revealing Evidence: Support, Spending and Success ; V Conclusion ; 9 Implications and Innovations ; Appendices: Formal Models, Data and Statistical Result ; Bibliography


Michael P. Colaresi is Professor of Political Science at Michigan State University.
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