How to effectively market free-downloadable music

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This book presents a new way to market free downloadable music based on the "Born in the Land of a Thousand Hills" album by Mishoo The Drumkit. The research goal is to present the results of the crossmedia-based marketing strategy which was used to distribute the album internationally. Three media channels were chosen to distribute the music. The book explains why online and print media were mainly chosen to reach the goal and which strategy was chosen for each medium. Especially the marketing campaigns in co-operation with Mercedes Benz Tv and the German BEAT magazine are described in detail. At the end of the book the possible costs and the download statistics are presented to show how effective the strategy was.


Michael Negele was born in Kigali/Rwanda, as a son of a German father and a Rwandan mother, in 1983. Michael's interests are music, marketing and sports. He has a Bachelors of Arts in Media Management. Michael currently lives with his wife in Finland where he has founded a marketing agency named Negele- Brands in April 2011. @michael_negele
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