Multiple Scattering of Light by Particles: Radiative Transfer and Coherent Backscattering

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April 2013



This is a thorough and up-to-date treatment of multiple scattering of light and other electromagnetic radiation in media composed of randomly and sparsely positioned particles. It systematically and consistently presents radiative transfer theory as a branch of classical macroscopic electromagnetics. After tracing the fundamental link between radiative transfer theory and the effect of coherent backscattering, they are explained in the context of a comprehensive hierarchy of electromagnetic scattering problems. This self-contained book will be valuable for science professionals, engineers, and graduate students working across a wide range of disciplines.


1. Introduction; 2. Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic waves, and Stokes parameters; 3. Basic theory of electromagnetic scattering; 4. Scattering by a fixed multi-particle group; 5. Statistical averaging; 6. Scattering by a single random particle; 7. Single scattering by a small random particle group; 8. Radiative transfer equation; 9. Calculations and measurements of single-particle characteristics; 10. Radiative transfer in plane-parallel scattering media; 11. Macroscopically isotropic and mirror-symmetric scattering media; 12. Radiative transfer in plane-parallel, microscopically isotropic and mirror-symmetric scattering media; 13. Illustrative applications of radiative transfer theory; 14. Coherent backscattering.


From a review of the authors' previous book: 'This excellent book is bound to become the principal standard reference on scattering of electromagnetic radiation by small particles.' Space Science Reviews ' ... a welcome addition. It is significant for its presentation of the basic principles and its exposition of recent developments ... carefully written with detailed references ... anyone interested in scattering will profit from reading this outstanding book.' Optics and Photonics News
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