Henry Parker and the English Civil War: The Political Thought of the Public's 'Privado'

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Juli 2002



Professor Mendle situates each of Parker's significant tracts in its polemical, intellectual, and political context.


Preface; 1. The public's privado; 2. The ship money case and The Case of Shipmony; 3. Religio laici; 4. Observations and the political theory of the emergency; 5. The Observator observed; 6. 'Vaine Confidence in the Law': the Observator responds; 7. Diverse urgent emergent considerations; 8. Disputable and visible politics; Conclusion: contrary points of war; Appendix: the writings of Henry Parker.


"This is a clever and perceptive book about an important, largely neglected and ultimately elusive Parliamentarian pamphleteer of the excellent book that places Henry Parker in a clearer light and that also illuminates the cultural assumptions of his contemporaries." Canadian Journal of History "...Mendle's study is a welcome, incisive, and often challenging treatment of a significant figure." Albion "...[Mendle's] book has an attractive air...Michael Mendle has written a succint and clear account of Parker's political thought...It should be read by all historians working in the field. Furthermore, its clarity and intriguing claims for Parker's absolutism should make it both accessible and stimulating to advanced undergraduates. It is perhaps the most important tribute to make to a work of scholarship, when it initiates debates that will continue for some time. This one has." Glenn Burgess, H-Net Reviews "...easily supersedes earlier partial studies...Mendle has written a solid, thoughtful book on a neglected figure, who does indeed merit a full-length study." William Palmer, American Historical Review "...the book is to be commended as an indispensible guide to the life and thought of the first great apologist for the doctrine of parliamentary absolutism." The American Journal of Legal History
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