Patent Activity and Technical Change in US Industries

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This book investigates the impact of USA patent activity on technical change in 35 industries given in the KLEM (Jorgenson, 1996) data set for the period 1958-1996. Four patent variables are introduced, namely total patent applications, total patents granted, unsuccessful patent applications and foreign patents granted.


Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Literature review 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Problems of patent statistics 2.3 Trends and volatility in patents data 2.4 Patents and research and development 2.5 Patents rights and patent value 2.6 R&D spillovers and patents 2.7 Patents and technical change Chapter Three: Data description 3.1 Patent activity 3.2 The Jorgenson KLEM dataset Chapter Four: Method 4.1 Introduction 4.2 The aggregate production approach 4.3 The generalised Fechner-Thurstone production function Chapter Five: Estimation and empirical results 5.1 Diagnostic tests 5.2 Overall empirical results 5.3 Industry level empirical results Chapter Six: Conclusion
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