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September 2010



Chapter 1 The End of Imperial China The China of the Emperors The Impact of the West The shape of Chinese History, 1911-49 The fall of the Qing dynasty, 1900-11 The Revolution of 1911-12 Study guide Chapter 2 The Troubled Republic, 1912-19 Reformers and revolutionaries The Rule of Yuan Shikai, 1912-16 Sun Yatsen and the Three People's Principles China and Japan, 1914-19 The May 4th Movement, 1919 Study guide Chapter 3 Warlord China, 1919-27 The Formation of the Chinese Communist Party, 1921 The Revived Guomindang The Warlords The GMD-CCP United Front The Rise of Chiang Kaishek The Northern expedition, 1924-27 Study guide Chapter 4 Nationalist-Communist Conflict, 1927-35 The White Terror, 1927 Mao Zedong The Jiangxi Soviet, 1928-34 The Encirclement Campaigns The Long March, 1934-35 Study guide Chapter 5 Nationalist China, 1936-45 The Xian Incident, 1936 Chiang Kaishek's rule in China The New life Movement The Yanan Soviet, 1937-45 Study guide Chapter 6 The Sino-Japanese war, 1937-45 Japanese designs on China The Seizure of Manchuguo, 1931 The Japanese Occupation, 1937-45 The GMD-CCP Resistance Front The Defeat of Japan 1945 Study guide Chapter 7 The Chinese Civil War, 1945-49 The Breakdown of GMD-CCP Relations The Soviet and American failures in China Chiang Kaishek's Strategy Mao Zedong's Strategy Communist Victory, Nationalist Flight, 1949 Reasons for the Communist triumph Study guide Glossary


Michael Lynch is an Honorary Fellow in the School of Historical Studies at the University of Leicester, UK. His research interests are in modern European and Chinese history and he has authored and edited several titles in the Access to History series.
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Untertitel: From Empire to People's Republic, 1900-49. 'Access to History'. 2. Auflage. b&w photographs, line illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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