Anglo-Saxon England: Volume 12

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Dezember 2004



Four very different kinds of Anglo-Saxon thinking are clarified in this volume of Anglo-Saxon England.


List of illustrations; 1. The settlement of England in Bede and the Chronicle Patrick Sims-Williams; 2. The study of Latin grammar in eighth-century Southumbria Vivien Law; 3. Lapidary traditions in Anglo-Saxon England: part II, Bede's Explanatio Apocalypsis and related works Peter Kitson; 4. A fragment of Bede's De Temporum Ratione in the public record office Michael Roper; 5. A fragment of an early-tenth-century Anglo-Saxon manuscript and its significance M. B. Parkes; 6. Neumed Boethian metra from Canterbury: a newly recovered leaf of Cambridge, University Library, Gg. 5.35 (the 'Cambridge Songs' manuscript) M. T. Gibson, M. Lapidge and C. Page; 7. Bald's Leechbook: its sources and their use in its compilation M. L. Cameron; 8. Literary art and oral tradition in Old English and Serbian poetry John Miles Foley; 9. A reading of Andreas: the poem as poem Edward B. Irving Jr; 10. The formative stages of Beowulf textual scholarship: part II Birte Kelly; 11. Bibliography for 1982 Carl T. Berkhout, Martin Biddle, Mark Blackburn, T. J. Brown, C. R. E. Coutts and Simon Keynes.
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