The Resurrection of Ireland: The Sinn Fein Party, 1916 1923

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Between 1916 and 1923 Ireland experienced a political as well as a military revolution. This book examines how - after the Easter Rising of 1916 - radical revolutionaries formed a precarious coalition with (relatively) moderate politicians. The new Sinn Féin party routed its enemies, co-operated uneasily with the underground Irish government, and achieved most of its objectives before disintegrating in 1922. Its rapid collapse should not distract from its achievements - in particular its role in democratising the Irish revolution - while its successors have since dominated the political life of independent Ireland.


Prologue. Before the Easter Rising:
1. Irish nationalists: politicians and rebels; The Irish Revolution:
2. 1916: rebellion and hibernation;
3. 1917: organisation and converts;
4. 1918: reverses and victory;
5. The party: structures and members;
6. Policy: beliefs and attitudes;
7. 1919-21: war and repression;
8. 1919-21: ministers and bureaucrats;
9. 1921-2: the treaty and the split;
10. 1922-3: the Pact election and the civil war; Epilogue: After the Civil War;
11. Irish republicans: fundamentalists and compromisers; Sources.


Michael Laffan is a member of the School of History at University College, Dublin. His previous publications include The Partition of Ireland, 1911-1925 (1983) and, as editor, The Burden of German History 1919-1945 (1988).


'Laffan's history ... is the product of massive and particular scholarship. It is elegantly written and clearly constructed ... No student or enthusiast on the subject can in future ignore Laffan's work.' Michael Hopkinson, History '[Laffan] demonstrates mastery of archival materials along with a crisp writing style ... Laffan here has established his place amongst the front ranks of Irish political historians.' Sean Farrell Moran, Irish Literary Supplement 'The Resurrection of Ireland is a valuable study of a genuinely under-explored and fascinating area ... Laffan has consulted a vast range of sources, and it is difficult to see his work being replaced as the standard text on the Sinn Fein party.' Senia Paseta, Irish Historical Studies '... a magisterial work, based on an exhaustive reading of the primary and secondary sources, written in clear prose and enlivened with touches of humour ... a rich and satisfying book.' D. George Boyce, English Historical Review 'Dr Michael Laffan's new book, The Resurrection of Ireland, should be read by all Republicans of a critical or analytical mind.' D. R. O'Connor Lysaght, Irish Republican Writers' Group '... accomplished and polished ... Laffan handles a wide variety of sources with skill and sound judgement.' David Fitzpatrick, History Ireland 'This book is a scrupulously fair and balanced account of Sinn Fein's rise and fall and deserves to become one of the key standard works on the period.' Stephen Collins, Sunday Tribune 'A scholarly but very readable book.' Irish Times
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