An Introduction to Human Resource Management: An Integrated Approach

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Februar 2006



Through a practical, integrated approach, this text offers a concise and accessible introduction to Human Resource Management. Contemporary and up-to-date, with engaging cases and activities throughout, readers are fully involved in the learning process, with exercises and questions introducing them to important topics.


An Introduction to Integrated HR
HR in an Organisational Context
HR: The Team Builders
Employee Relations and the New Psychological Contract
Managing Time and the Lifework Balance
Motivating a Diversified Workforce
Recruitment and Selection: An Integrated Approach
Appraisals: Paper Chase or Motivational Discussion?
Integrated Employee Development
Performance and Rewards
HR Audits and Planning
Communications and Presentations
HR: CSR and Business Ethics
International HR: Locally Sensitive, Globally Aware


Michael L. Nieto


'The text's narrative and experiential style certainly adds something new (and in my opinion, beneficial) to the market. It is engaging, provides the reader with context and in many ways, has captured the essence of face-to-face teaching. This is reinforced by the in-text use of questionnaires, exercises and case examples.' - Antony John Drew, Lecturer, University of Newcastle, Australia
'The author's style is fluent and accessible. A distinctive feature is [the text]'s 'chatty' style with examples drawn from the author's experiences. Questions are searching and challenging and encourage the reader to think carefully about the concepts that have been introduced.' - Dr Lawrence Edward Lomas, Assistant Director, King's College London, UK
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