Bertrand Russell's Ethics

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Bertrand Russell was not only one of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century, he was also a humanitarian and activist who fought for many moral, social, and political causes. This book brings a new dimension to our understanding of Russell's life, his activism, and his contribution to moral philosophy.


1. Descent Into Emotivism; Introduction; The Prig Before the Storm; A Woman and a War; The Music Swells; 2. A Critique of Basic Emotivism; Foundations; Stevenson's Three Requirements; The Meanings and Uses of Ethical Terms; Disputes and Disagreements; Further Objections; Russell's Proto-Emotivism, 1913-22; Criticisms and Comparisons; 3. Enlightened Emotivism; The Preacher and the Legislator; The Meaning of "Good"; Ethical Sentences; General Criticisms; 4. Impulse and Desire; Desires, Behaviour-Cycles, and Consciousness; Impulse and the Principle of Growth; General Criticisms; Dispute, Debate, Disagreement; The Creation and Alteration of Desires and Impulses; Conclusion; 5. Final Thoughts; The Story So Far; Dropping Behaviourism; The Importance of Impulse; The Consequences of Objectivity; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


Michael K. Potter teaches in the Department of Philosophy and the Centre for Leadership in Learning at McMaster University, where the Bertrand Russell Research Centre was founded in the year 2000.


"'Potter is... the first to bring, in any serious way, Russell's... well-known distinction between impulse and desire into an account of his ethics. Potter's book is well-written in an informal, often amusing style. It makes a useful contribution to our understanding of Russell's ethical views, and will I hope contribute to our appreciation of him as an important moral philosopher.' Nicholas Griffin, Canada Research Chair in Philosophy, The Bertrand Russell Research Centre, McMaster University"
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