Insect Conservation Biology (Conservation Biology, No 2)

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Dezember 1993



Discusses the conservation of insect species in realistic terms in the context of sustainable development, agroecology and environmental change. Ethical issues surrounding insects are considered as well as preservation technology and restoration ecology.


Part 1 Setting the scene: insect variety and significance; past and present events leading to insect conservation concern; emergence of insect conservation biology. Part 2 Levels of analysis: scaling and large scale issues; the fragmented landscape; the disturbed landscape; individual insect species and their conservation. Part 3 Entomologists' dilemmas: insect pest control and insect conservation; insect conservation ethics. Part 4 Positive action: insects, the landscape and evaluation; stopping the loss of individuals, population species and landscapes.


Michael J. Samways is Professor of Entomology in the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. He is internationally known as a conservation biologist and policy advisor.
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