Improving Nature?

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Mai 2001



The authors examine the implications of genetic engineering in every aspect of our lives.


1. Introduction; Part I. 2. The practicalities of genetic engineering; 3. Moral and ethical concerns; 4. Theological concerns; Part II. Overview: 5. The genetic engineering of microorganisms; 6. The genetic engineering of plants; 7. The genetic engineering of animals; 8. The genetic engineering of humans; Part III. 9. Public understanding of genetic engineering: what can education do?


'Some of the most compelling literature on this topic I have ever read ... quite inspirational ... essential reading ... above all it is a very good read.' Trends in Biology 'Succeeds in presenting a framework for the ethical analysis of genetic engineering for both scientific and non-scientific readers. It is a welcome addition to the literature of the 'new biotechnology'.' BioScience 'Reiss and Straughan do a fine job ... excellent treatment of the subject.' Science and Engineering Ethics 'Those looking for a simple well written guide through this difficult jungle need look no further.' John Habgood, the former Archbishop of York, , Crucible 'Invaluable ... buy the book!' Bio-Science Law Review
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Untertitel: The Science and Ethics of Genetic Engineering. 'CANTO'. 15 figures. Sprache: Englisch.
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