A Cross of Iron: Harry S. Truman and the Origins of the National Security State, 1945 1954

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Discusses the national security state that emerged in the first decade of the Cold War.


Preface and acknowledgements; 1. The National Security discourse: ideology, political culture and state making; 2. Magna Charta: the National Security Act and the specter of the Garrison state; 3. The high price of peace: guns-and-butter politics in the early Cold War; 4. The time tax: American political culture and the UMT debate; 5. 'Chaos and conflict and carnage confounded': budget battles and defense reorganization; 6. Preparing for permanent war: economy, science and secrecy in the National Security state; 7. Turning point: NSC-68, the Korean war and the National Security response; 8. Semiwar: the Korean war and rearmament; 9. The Iron Cross: solvency, security and the Eisenhower transition; 10. Other voices: the public sphere and the National Security mentality; 11. Conclusion; Selected bibliography; Index.


'[A] truly outstanding piece of original research, synthesis, and interpretation ... a major contribution to the field and a 'must' read for all US historians' American Historical Review 'Hogan's fine book drives home the point that the overall impact of the national security state was, in dollar terms and enlargement of federal power, far greater that the effect of social programs ... Easily the most comprehensive and conceptually innovative study of the institutionalization of the cold war.' The Boston Book Review 'The author succeeds brilliantly in demonstrating the impact of political culture on the formation of a new American state fundamentally different from that which existed before.' Foreign Affairs 'Hogan's powerful, neo-Bryanite message shines through in the end: tough talk by American leaders led to big expenditure, and 'humanity was sacrificed on a cross of iron'.' Journal of American History
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