A Hegel Dictionary

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November 1992



* English translations of Hegela s main concepts are given in alphabetical order from a absolutea to a willa * An index of German words and an index of names gives access to any given topic* Etymology of Hegela s vocabulary is given* Sheds important new light on Hegela s thought. .


Preface. Notes on the Use of the Dictionary. Hegel and his Language. Introducing Hegel. Dictionary Entries A--Z. Bibliography. Index of foreign--language terms. General index.


Michael Inwood is Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Trinity College, Oxford. His publications include Hegel (1983) and Hegel: Selections (1989).


"One of the best reference books about a philosopher, highly recommended." Choice "Invaluable. This book achieves what the Blackwell Philosopher Dictionary series sets out to do. It presents difficult ideas with scholarship and clarity." The Philosopher a An exceptionally clear yet rigorous and scholarly presentation of difficult ideas. This will be an indispensible guide for students of Hegel at all levels.a Raymond Plant, University of Southampton
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