Islam, Multiculturalism and Transnationalism

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The migration of people is now increasingly about the internationalization of citizenship rather than the cultural or class homogenization of people in nation states. The Lebanese - the oldest and one of the largest of the contemporary diasporas whose movement across the globe is based on labour migration - provide a particularly rich context in which the subject can be explored. This book describes how Lebanese migrants have created their households, organized reciprocity in family life, formed urban communities, become workers, defined sectarian identities, transmitted religious cultures, and established Islamic institutions.


Part 1 Local and global cultures: migrants or citizens? cities, immigrants and integration; multiculturalism; past, present and future. Part 2 The refugees: the setting Lebanese immigration; migration and the urban process; family; community; proletarianisation; conclusion. Part 3 The Lebanese heritage: making the Lebanese nation state; making the Lebanese - proletarianisation and pluralism; religion and the Lebanese state; unmaking Lebanon -civil war and localism; conclusion. Part 4 Lebanese families: kinship practices; unmarried women; wives; keeping the courts out of the home. Part 5 Community and identity in the city. Part 6 Islam, multiculturalism and the global city: multiculturalism and urban consciousness; Islam and multiculturalism.


Michael Humphrey is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of New South Wales.
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