Grounds and Envelopes: Reshaping Architecture and the Built Environment

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Providing a source of vision for the revitalisation of the notional and actual elements of ground and envelope as vital spatial elements that can inform an integral architectural design, this book collects essays and projects that each contributes a particular element to what might constitute an eventually integrated and richly nuanced approach to spatial organisation. Projects include: Daniel Libeskind: Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany Daniel Libeskind: Osaka Folly 9, Osaka, Japan Van Berkel and Bos: Mobius House, Het Gooi, The Netherlands Thomas Leeser: In Ver(re)t.
Ego House, Unbuilt Peter Eisenman: Church of the Year 2000, Unbuilt Paul Nelson: Suspended House, Unbuilt Clorindo Testa: The Bank of London and South America, 1959-1966, Buenos Aires, Argentina OCEAN: Apartment Block Frankfurter Strasse, Phase 01: 1998-99 Phase 02: 2011, Cologne, Germany Yves Klein: Air Architecture + Krefeld Exhibition, Krefeld, Germany Olafur Eliasson: The Weather Project, 2003-04, Tate Modern, London, UK Kengo Kuma: GC50th Anniversary Memorial Adalberto Libera: Villa Malaparte, Unbuilt, Capri, Italy John Lautner: Sheats Goldstein Residence, Unbuilt Paulo Mendes da Rocha: Brazilian Pavilion Osaka Expo, 1969-70, Osaka Expo, Japan Hensel, Limwatanakul, Kong and Bettum: Spreebogen I - A new Government Centre for Berlin Competition, 1992, Berlin, Germany Rudy, Roberge, Hoffman, Catoe and Koebel: Spreebogen II - A new Government Centre for Berlin Competition, 1992, Berlin, Germany Reiser + Umemoto + Jeffrey Kipnis: Water Garden, 1997, Columbus, Ohio, United States With an abundance of built and un-built key projects available, it is now possible to outline the contours of a new discourse.
This book initiates a new beginning so that architecture can truly partake in the creation of heterogeneous space and culturally, socially and environmentally sustainable built environments.


Introduction: Towards Re-shaping Architecture and the Built Environment Part 1: The Discourse of Grounds and Envelopes Part 2: Articulated Envelopes Part 3: Multiple Envelopes Part 4: Atmospheric Envelopes Part 5: Dissolved Mass Part 6: An Architecture of Terrain Part 7: Articulated Grounds + Tectonic Landscapes Conclusions and Outlook
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