PC-Based Instrumentation and Control

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Mike Tooley is now widely acknowledged as one of the leading authors of technical books for students. In this completely rewritten book, he explains, using real, working, proven circuit examples, how to select and configure a control system based on readily available software and hardware.


The IBM PC and compatibles; PC expansion systems; The operating system; System configuration; Programming; Assembly language programming; BASIC programming; C programming; The IEEE-488 bus; Interfacing; Software packages; Applications; Reliability and fault using real, working, proven circuit examples


Mike Tooley is a technical author and consultant. He was formerly Vice Principal at Brooklands College in Surrey, England, where he was responsible for the delivery of learning to over 10,000 Further and Higher Education students increasingly by flexible, open and on-line distance learning. Mike is the well-known author of several popular engineering and related text books, including widely adopted course texts for BTEC, GCE A-level and GCSE qualifications in Engineering. Mike's hobbies include astronomy, amateur radio, aviation, computing and electronic circuit design and construction.


'Mike Tooley explains how to select and configure a control system based on readily available software and hardware using real, working proven circuit examples.' Electrotechnology
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