Real-Time Biomolecular Simulations: The Behavior of Biological Macromolecules from a Cellular Systems Perspective

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Dramatically Accelerate the Biomolecular Simulation Process Without Losing AccuracyReal-Time Biomolecular Simulations provides you with proven strategies for shortening the time between product research, breakthrough, and introduction into the market. Based on the author's own innovative research, this rigorous, groundbreaking guide demonstrates how the simulation process can be accelerated yet still provide accurate, dependable results.Everything needed to perform accurate biomolecular simulations in real-time:
  • Algorithms, novel cluster, and grid computing paradigms that enable accurate real-time simulation of biological systems
  • Computational methods for calculating energies and forces
  • Various techniques for sampling, calculating, and performing simulations
INSIDE Real-Time Biomolecular Simulations:
  • Introduction to the Dynamics of Biomolecular Systems
  • Classical and Statistical Mechanics of Biomolecular Systems
  • Multiple Time Scale Analysis
  • Protein Dynamics
  • DNA and RNA Dynamics
  • Towards Whole Cell Dynamics


<H3>Chapter One: The World of Biological Macromolecules<H3>Chapter Two: Cellular Systems Biology<H3>Chapter Three: The Dynamics of Single, Isolated Biological Macromolecules<H3>Chapter Four: Dynamics of Interacting Biological Macromolecules<H3>Chapter Five: Toward a Whole Cell Description<H4>APPENDIX A: THE EULER ANGLES<H4>APPENDIX B: LIOUVILLE EQUATION, FOKKER-PLANCK EQUATION (FP BROWNIAN DYNAMICS), AND SMOLUCHOWSKI EQUATION (Sm BROWNIAN DYNAMICS)<H4>INDEX


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