Community Languages: The Australian Experience

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Oktober 2003



Without even considering the 150 Aboriginal languages still spoken, Australia has an unparalleled mix of languages other than English in common usage, languages often described by the term 'community'. Drawing on census data and other statistics, this book addresses the current suitation of community languages in Australia, analysing which are spoken, by whom, and whereabouts. It focuses on three main issues: how languages other than English are maintained in an English speaking environment, how the structure of the languages themselves changes over time, and how the government has responded to such ethnolinguistic diversity. At a time of unprecedented awareness of these languages within society and a realisation of the importance of mutlilingualism in business, this book makes a significant contribution to understanding the role of community languages in shaping the future of Australian society.


List of tables; List of graphs; Preface; 1. Australia between monolingualism and multilingualism; 2. Distribution and maintenance of community languages in Australia; 3. The use of community languages in Australia; 4. Structural and typological aspects of community languages; 5. The formulation and implementation of language policies; Appendix; Glossary; Bibliography; Index.
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