MCSD Guide to Developing Desktop Applications Using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0: Advanced Topics

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August 1999



This Microsoft-approved title prepares individuals for the "Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Certification Exam" (# 70-176).This book covers all new features of Visual Basic 6.0, including the Install Wizard, HTML Help, Deployment Wizard, and all new and revised controls. It also includes topics not required for the exam but necessary for effective solution development.


1: Installing and Configuring Visual Basic for the Desktop 2: Fundamentals of Event Driven Programming 3: Creating Data Services Using ADO 4: Using Visual Basic with a Database 5: The Windows Common Controls (Part 1) 6: The Windows Common Controls (Part 2) 7: Multiple Document Interface Programming 8: Designing and Implementing Component Based Applications 9: Reusing Code with Class Modules 10: Creating a Collection Hierarchy 11: Creating an ActiveX Control 12: Extending ActiveX Control Features 13: Creating and ActiveX Document 14: Creating Internet Controls 15: DHTML and HTML 16: The Windows API 17: Program Deployment/Maintenance Appendix A: Debugging.
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