Europe's Foreign and Security Policy: The Institutionalization of Cooperation

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Emergence of a common security and foreign policy has been one of the most contentious issues accompanying the integration of the European Union. With extensive empirical evidence drawn from interviews, case studies, official documents and secondary sources, Michael Smith examines the specific ways foreign policy cooperation has been institutionalized in the EU. This analysis will appeal to scholars and researchers in international relations, law, foreign policy and European studies.


List of tables; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Introduction: foreign and security policy in the European Union; Part I. Institutions and Foreign Policy Cooperation: The Theoretical and Empirical Terrain: 1. The institutionalization of cooperation: an analytical framework; 2. Institutions and European foreign policy cooperation: the empirical link; Part II. The Institutionalization of Cooperation: 3. Origins: intergovernmentalism and European Political Cooperation; 4. Information-sharing and the transgovernmental EPC network; 5. Norms, rules and laws in European foreign policy; 6. Organizations and European foreign policy; 7. Toward governance: the Common Foreign and Security Policy; Part III. Residual Institutional Issues: 8. Unfinished business: coherence and the EU's global ambitions; Conclusion: beyond the CFSP: institutions, defense and the European identity; References; Index.


Michael E. Smith is Assistant Professor of Political Science, Georgia State University, Atlanta.


"Smith's important work deserves to be included in the canon of European foreign policy theoretical texts. It nicely rounds out our theoretical knowledge of the role of institutions in European foreign policy cooperation and is strongly recommended to those, like Smith, who are intrigued by the unprecendented degree of foreign policy cooperation among the 25 members of the European Union." APSA Perspectives on Politics
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