Risky Business: Nuclear Power and Public Protest in Canada

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This David and Goliath story chronicles and analyzes how a small, under-funded public interest group--Durham Nuclear Awareness of Oshawa, Ontario--mobilized opposition to the December 1994 re-licensing of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. Michael D. Mehta explores the struggle between Durham Nuclear Awareness and Canada's nuclear establishment to illustrate how risk as a concept can be used to understand contemporary political conflicts.


Chapter 1 Introduction: The Democracy-Technocracy Quandary Chapter 2 Risk Assessment in the Public Policy Domain Chapter 3 Nuclear Power and Public Protest Chapter 4 The Canadian Nuclear Industry Chapter 5 The Battle Over the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station Chapter 6 David and Goliath Meet on the Shore of Lake Ontario Chapter 7 The Future of Nuclear Power in Canada


Michael D. Mehta is an associate professor of Sociology and director of the Sociology of Biotechnology Program and the Social Research Unit at the University of Saskatchewan.


Michael Mehta's book Nuclear Power and Public Protest in Canada is a timely and excellent contribution to the role of social movements in shaping risk debates and influencing the trajectory of a technology. Following a strong narrative line, Mehta maps the story of how a small NGO battled a major nuclear power generating station and the Atomic Energy Control Board. The highly readable story is set against the context of risk assessment and public policy. It is rich case studies like this that allow us to probe into, and better understand, the details of the challenges posed by technology in a risk society. -- Edna F. Einsiedel, University of Calgary
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