The Strategy Gap: Leveraging Technology to Execute Winning Strategies

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accessible to those who need it. The Strategy Gap is almost a handbook of how to take strategic decisions and support their execution with the help of information technology.' -Rick CrandallChairmanGiga Information Group' This book authoritatively describes the disconnect between many companiesstrategic planning efforts and the successful implementation of the plans. It combines academic rigor and practical how to.It brings strategistsand technologistsknowledge together in a very insightful, readable, and useful book.' -Hugh WatsonC. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Chair of Business Administration Terry College of Business, University of Georgia


Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Strategy Gap. Strategy in the Next Economy. Corporate Performance Management Processes. Measurement and Methodologies. Corporate Performance Management Systems. Corporate Performance Management at Work. Getting Started. Designing a Corporate Performance Management Solution. Implementing a Corporate Performance Management Solution. What Lies Ahead. Appendix A. CPM Process Review Template. Appendix B. Strategy into CPM Data Model Template. Appendix C. CPM Project Scope Template. Appendix D. Software Evaluation Checklist. Appendix E. Sample Implementation Project Plan. Appendix F. CPM Vendor Proposal Template. Appendix G. Software Vendor Scorecard Template. Index.


MICHAEL COVENEY is Senior Director of Strategy Management for Comshare, Incorporated, a leading provider of software to help companies implement and execute strategy. DENNIS GANSTER is Chairman, President, and CEO of Comshare. BRIAN HARTLEN is Senior Vice President of Marketing for Comshare. DAVE KING, PhD, is Senior Vice President of Product Development as well as Chief Technology Officer for Comshare.


"...a well-argued foundation for managers who are all too aware of that short-term 'noise' that often gets in the way of their...strategic goals..." (Information Age, June 2003) "...could just go down in history alongside books like Crossing the Chasm as a technology industry must read..." (Computer Business Review, August 2003)
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