Race in Space: The Representation of Ethnicity in 'Star Trek' and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'

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Drawing on autobiographical, biographical, historical, and rare archival materials, Pounds explores the relationship between "Star Trek" and ethnic equality, one of America's most enduring social issues. Using two television series formed around a common vision and produced by the same studio and executive producer (Gene Roddenberry), Race in Space determines the extent to which social attitudes, values, and beliefs about ethnicity have changed during the more than twenty years that separate them.


Micheal C. Pounds is Professor of Film and Electronic Arts at California State University-Long Beach.


The value of Race in Space is that the author remembers and takes into account the campaign racial minorities waged to create fully dimensional portraits of themselves within the dominant media. In doing so Pounds presents a history that is all too often overlooked by critics who ignore the social history behind television production in the 1960s...Pounds' coverage of the conflict over racial equity in Hollywood aspires us to pay attention to what was (and is) at stake in the multiracial future to which Star Trek aspires. It also reconstitutes the challenges faced by racial minorities and their white allies in the industry...Pounds' examination of the first two Star Trek series provides a wealth of information and makes a sharp historical argument which helps us mark the similarities and differences between them. The methods that he uses to make his points are a familiar part of the approaches used by historians and sociologists. Black Camera
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