Cultural Studies in Foreign Language Education

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Dezember 1988



Written by the winner of the 1987 BAAL book prize, this book deals with the acquisition of understanding of foreign cultures and peoples. It is also a study of the philosophy and purpose of language teaching in all its facets, in the context of foreign language teaching in secondary education. The book is written for language teachers and, though it draws on disciplines not usually included in their education and professional training, it does so from within the profession's own perspective. It is an attempt to raise teachers' and learners' awareness of the full educational value of foreign language learning


Foreign language teaching and education; foreign language teaching in a multi-ethnic society; cultural studies within foreign language teaching; contemporary views on cultural studies; analyzing, describing and understanding a foreign culture; psychological dimensions of cultural studies; cultural knowledge and cultural information - some empirical evidence; a model for language and cultural teaching.
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Untertitel: 'Multilingual Matters'. Sprache: Englisch.
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