Six SIGMA Financial Tracking and Reporting

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As Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise techniques continue to evolve and become more and more engrained in the business, it is harder and harder to track the impact of savings on a project by project basis. Especially when you have more than one project concentrating on different functional areas, through the use of case studies, worked out examples, and bench marking techniques, Michael Bremer, a Senior Instructor at Motorola University, helps you to put the right infrastructure in place for project identification, project scoping, and financial reporting.


<H3>Chapter 1: Introduction<H3>Chapter 2: Financial Bridge P&L Model<H3>Chapter 3: Define -- Defining What is Important<H3>Chatper 4: Measure -- Developing and Tracking Bridge Metrics<H3>Chapter 5: Analyze -- Identifying the Things that Are "Off Track"<H3>Chapter 6: Improve -- Make It Happen, Effectively!<H3>Chapter 7: Control -- Sustain the Gains<H3>Chapter 8: Assessment Instruments<H3>Chapter 9: The Role of Leadership and Governance in Driving Financial Impact<H3>Chapter 10: Shareholder Value and Business Profitability<H3>Chapter 11: Support Systems -- People Side of Bridge Process<H3>Chapter 12: Continual Improvement Processes<H3>Chapter 13: Multipurpose and Next-Gen Tools<H3>Chapter 14: Bridge Process Outlines<H4>INDEX


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