Faces of Intention: Selected Essays on Intention and Agency

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Februar 2004



This collection of essays by one of the most prominent and internationally respected philosophers of action theory is concerned with deepening our understanding of the notion of intention. These essays enrich Bratman's account of commitment involved in intending, and explore its implications for our understanding of temptation and self-control, shared intention and shared cooperative activity, and moral responsibility. This collection will be a valuable resource for a wide range of philosophers and their students, and will also be of interest to social and developmental psychologists, AI researchers, and game and decision theorists.


1. Introduction: planning agents in a social world; Part I. Acceptance and Stability: 2. Practical reasoning and acceptance in a context; 3. Planning and temptation; 4. Toxin, temptation, and the stability of intention; Part II. Shared Agency: 5. Shared cooperative activity; 6. Shared intention; 7. Shared intention and mutual obligation; 8. I intend that we J; Part III. Responsibility and Identification: 9. Responsibility and planning; 10. Identification, decision, and treating as a reason; Part IV. Critical Studies: 11. Davidson's theory of intention; 12. Castaneda's theory of thought and action; 13. Cognitivism about practical reason; 14. Critical study of Korsgaard's The Sources of Normativity.


'This is an excellent collection of essays. It is clearly written and presents complex arguments in an accessible and persuasive manner. Bratman's work has consistently been of the highest calibre: Faces of Intention is no exception.' The Cambridge Law Journal
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