What I Learned from Sam Walton: How to Compete and Thrive in a Wal-Mart World

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August 2004



A behind-the-scenes look at Wal-Mart's successful business strategies and tactics What I Learned from Sam Walton unlocks the secrets to Wal-Mart's success and provides answers to these and many other questions. As a former Wal-Mart employee, author Michael Bergdahl had the opportunity to see the Wal-Mart executive team in action. He also had the chance to work directly with Sam Walton. These experiences have provided Bergdahl with a treasure trove of great lessons, experiences, and stories that he now shares throughout the pages of this book. Readers will be introduced to Wal-Mart's unique strategy for competitive success and through the strategy known as P.O.C.K.E.T.S. (Price, Operations, Culture, Key item promotion, Expenses, Talent, Service) will learn how to compete and survive in the shadow of the world's largest company. What I Learned from Sam Walton discloses a business legend's secret strategies for achieving long-lasting success and provides competitors with a road map to successful competition. Michael Bergdahl (Pittsburgh, PA) worked for Wal-Mart, under Sam Walton. He has also worked as a turnaround specialist for American Eagle Outfitters. He gained experience on the supplier side working for PepsiCo's Frito-Lay Division.


Introduction Picking Wal-Mart's POCKETS--Strategies and Tactics I Learned From Sam Walton.
Chapter 1: Pricing Strategies and Tactics.
Chapter 2: Operational Strategies and Tactics.
Chapter 3: Cultural Strategies and Tactics.
Chapter 4: Key Item/Product Strategies and Tactics.
Chapter 5: Expense Control Strategies and Tactics.
Chapter 6: Talent Strategies and Tactics.
Chapter 7: Service Strategies and Tactics.
Appendix: Competitive Business Strategies and Tactics; Self-Assessment to Help You Evaluate Your Ability to Compete and Survive Against Wal-Mart.
About the Author.


MICHAEL BERGDAHL has over twenty-five years of business experience working in a variety of business environments with outstanding business leaders. He has worked for three Fortune 500 companies and has been involved in two successful business turnarounds. His experiences in the restaurant, publishing, petrochemical, consumer packaged goods, discount retailing, specialty retailing, and waste industries provide the foundation for his interest in and knowledge of this topic. His years of retailing experience with companies like Frito-Lay, Wal-Mart, and American Eagle Outfitters provided the "business laboratory" for him to fine tune his understanding of business competition. His knowledge of Wal-Mart comes from firsthand experiences working at their home office-with Mr. Sam himself.
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