The Fight of the Century: Ali Vs. Frazier March 8, 1971

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The first of three titanic bouts between Muhammad Ali, who was just coming back to the ring after being banned over his refusal to go to Vietnam, and Joe Frazier, who needed to beat Ali to prove that he was the greatest, transcended boxing and became a battle of two views of a nation reeling from the turbulent sixties. More than a blow-by-blow recap of the fight, this book features information gleaned from interviews with scores of insiders. John Wiley & Sons


Preface. 1 Beating the System. 2 "Back in My Old Life Again". 3 Joe. 4 The Tune-ups. 5 Jack, Jerry, and the Deal. 6 The Show. 7 The Countdown. 8 March 8. 9 The Fight. 10 After the Fight. Where Are They Now? Acknowledgments. Notes. Bibliography. Index.


Michael Arkush has written nine books, including two New York Times bestsellers: The Last Season (with Phil Jackson), an account of the Lakers' memorable 2003 2004 campaign, and Rush!, an unauthorized biography of Rush Limbaugh. He and his wife, Pauletta, live in Alexandria, Virginia.


" enthralling and meticulous account of genuine sporting rivalry...Brilliantly capturing the unprecedented grandiosity of the occasion... must be recommended" (The Independent, October 27th 2008)
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