Pentosidine plasma leveland oxidative stress in type1diabetic children

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November 2015



Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases associated with the development of microvascular complications and accelerated macrovascular diseases, evidence implicates the formation and subsequent effects of advanced glycation end products as a contributing cause. Pentosidine is one of the best marker for advanced glycation end products. The objective of this work is to study effect of oxidative stress and plasma pentosidine level as a best marker for (AGEs)and its complications in type 1 diabetic children. The results showed that the diabetic group has a significant increase in pentosidine and fasting blood glucose, glycated hemoglobin, albumin, albumin creatinine ratio, malondialdehyde, diabetics with poor glycemic control and microalbuminuria had a significant increase in pentosidine and malondialdehyde. In conclusion Accumulation of AGEs, whose formation is closely linked to oxidative stress, and resultant endothelial dysfunction may start early in the course of type 1 diabetes and supports the contention that good glycemic control should be emphasized from the diagnoses of diabetes to prevent the development or to slow the progression of of diabetes complication.


Name : Mervat Harvi AgaibyiSpecialization : Medical BiochemistryPresent Profession: Assistant Professor of Medical Biochemistry.National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt.Professional Career.. M.Sc. in Biological Biochemistry (July1996), Faculty of Science, Cairo University..Ph.D. in Biochemistry (March 2003), Faculty of Science
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