Wireless Security

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April 2002



Officially endorsed by RSA security, the worldwide leader in e-security, thisis the only book that shows how to plus the holes in a wireless network.


Part 1: Introduction to Wireless
1: Welcome to a Wireless World
2: Wireless Threats
3: Introduction to Wireless Security Protocols and Cryptography
4: Security Considerations for Wireless Devices
Part 2: Wireless Technologies and Applications
5: Introduction to Cellular Networks
6: Introduction to Wireless Data Networks
7: Wireless Standards and Technologies
Part 3: Wireless Deployment Strategies
8: Implementing Wireless LANs: Security Considerations
9: Enabling Secure Wireless Access to Data
10: Real Examples from the Wireless World
11: The Wireless Future
12: Assessing Wireless Local Area Networks (LANs)
Appendix A: Glossary of Wireless Terms


Merritt Maxim has more than 4 years experience in the information security industry, most recently as a product manager for wireless security at RSA Security in Bedford, MA. In that role, Merritt was responsible for defining RSAs cross-product line wireless architecture and spoke at numerous industry events on wireless security topics. Previously, Merritt was a senior research analyst at MIT. David Pollino is a senior security consultant at @stake, Inc. He has extensive networking experience, including working for a tier 1 ISP, architecting and deploying secure networks for Fortune 500 companies. David leads the @stake Center of Excellence focusing on wireless technologies such as 802.11x, WAP and GPRS. Recent projects include helping design and oversee the security architecture for a large European ASP and assisting with the security architecture for a wireless provider.
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