The Novels of Jeanette Winterson

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April 2005



This Reader's Guide brings together, in an approachable form, the range of review and critical material on the novels of Jeanette Winterson. Covering all of Winterson's work, from Oranges are Not the Only Fruit to The PowerBook, Merja Makinen traces the early review reception of each novel on its publication and considers it alongside the larger critical debates that have subsequently evolved. Makinen follows the controversial critical analysis of Winterson as a lesbian writer, and develops the examination of the postmodern aspects of her work, whether as postmodern or post-Modern. Including a brief discussion of Winterson's most recent novel, Lighthouse Keeping, this is an indispensable guide for anyone studying, or simply interested in, the work of one of Britain's most successful contemporary authors.


Acknowledgements Introduction Oranges are Not the Only Fruit as a Lesbian Text Oranges are Not the Only Fruit as a Postmodern Text Boating for Beginners and The Passion Sexing the Cherry Written on the Body Art and Lies Gut Symmetries and The PowerBook Conclusion Notes Select Bibliography Index


MERJA MAKINEN is Principal Lecturer in English Literary Studies and Programme Tutor for the MA in Popular Literary Fictions at Middlesex University, UK.


'A very useful addition to Winterson Studies, providing a much needed map of this growing field.' - Jago Morrison, University College Chichester, UK
'...provides a critical survey and commentary on the most important criticism on Winterson, and is an excellent guide for students as well as a useful resource for researchers and teachers.' - Nick Bentley, Year's Work in English Studies
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