The Active Manager's Tool Kit

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Dozens of customizable performance improvement tools Mel Silberman's bestselling books on ""Active Training"" have sold more than 68,000 copies. In "The Active Manager's Tool Kit," Silberman takes his trademarked approach to ""Active Training"" and applies it to ""Active Managing."" Instead of telling employees what to do and sitting back to wait for results, ""active managers"" conduct team building, motivate, coach, and guide their direct reports to be self-directing, accountable, and team oriented. "The Active Manager's Tool Kit "is full of work sheets and reproducible tools that can be downloaded from the Web and customized or photocopied. These include reproducible job aids for employees, performance improvement activities that managers can use to train their own teams, and questionnaires that help both manager and employees assess how well they are doing. The tools in this book enable the ""active manager"" to coach and lead effectively.


Mel Silberman, Ph.D. is a bestselling author, speaker, and consulting psychologist known internationally as a pioneer in interpersonal intelligence, active learning, and facilitation/consultation. Dr. Silberman is president of Active Training, a provider of products, seminars, and publications.
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