Encyclopedia of Quantitative Risk Analysis and Assessment

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Einem interdisziplinären Ansatz folgend, behandelt das Buch Themen wie Risiken von Epidemien, Arzneimittelsicherheit, Investitionstheorie, die öffentliche Wahrnehmung von Risiken, Aspekte der nationalen Verteidigung und Sicherheit sowie Probleme der Infrastruktur.


Risk Management Financial/Credit Risk Computer Security Reliability - Mathematical and Statistical methods Reliability - Management Science Bayesian/Decision Theory Environmental Risk Clinical Risk Public Health/Epidemiology of Risk Toxic Substances/Chemical Risk Insurance/Actuarial Risk Homeland Security


Edward Melnick is Professor of Statistics and former Chairperson of the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University. In 1960 he received a BA in Psychology from Lehigh University. In 1963 he received an MS in Mathematics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and received a PhD degree in Mathematical Statistics in 1970 from George Washington University.
Professor Melnick has provided consulting services to both industry and government.
The quality of his many research publications was recognized when he was voted to the position of Fellow of the American Statistical Association. He is also Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. Professor Melnick was Chairman of the Risk Analysis section of the American Statistical Association.
Brian Everitt is Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, London.
He has written numerous books but is better known to Wiley for the Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioural Science for which he was co-editor in chief. This was published three months ahead of schedule.
Professor Everitt was also a Section Editor for both editions of the Encyclopedia of Biostatistics.


"This encyclopedia will definitely contribute positively to an opening up of the field of risk management beyond the constrained boundaries of specific disciplines." (Journal of the American Statistical Association, September 2009) "An excellent source for professionals in the field, this is really more a handbook than an encyclopedia. The material presented is of high quality. ... Many of the articles are easily understandable by a layperson. This work will be a valuable addition for all collections emphasizing mathematical statistics and for most large academic and public libraries. Recommended." (Choice, February 2009)
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