A Critical Review on Vein Growth Processes and Vein Textures

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Juni 2011



This monograph provides an approachable and concise review on processes of vein growth and vein internal textures. The topics covered include all that is needed for a comprehensive idea on vein from structural point of view: source of mineral nutrients and their transfer in and around cracks, nucleation and growth of vein minerals, classification of veins, vein internal textures, and factors control the vein internal textures and their tracking capacity. The relative tensile strength of the wall rock matrix, vein and vein wall interface has been discussed to understand the successive vein growth increments and thus control on the development of syntaxial, antitaxial, ataxial and composite vein growth types. This monograph will be helpful to undergraduate and graduate students of structural geology and mining. It will also be of significant aid to the researcher and professionals to get the idea on future research in terms of field observations, laboratory study and numerical modeling that required for complete understanding of vein and its implication in structural and tectonic geology.


Md. Sakawat Hossain did his early studies in Geological Sciences at Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. He did second Masters in structural geology at the Australian National University. Now, he is a faculty of the Department of Geological Sciences of Jahangirnagar University. His fields of interest are structural geology and tectonics.
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Untertitel: Classification of Veins, Vein Internal Textures, and Factors Control the Vein Internal Textures and their Tracking Capacity. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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