Assessment of CO2 Gas

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Greenhouse gases (GHGs) are responsible for global warming and climate changes which absorb and emit radiation within the thermal infrared range. The aim of the study is to estimate emission of GHGs from transportation sector of BD. Afforestation required to absorb the emitted CO2 has also been predicted. Fossil fuel consumption data has been used for GHGs (CO2, CO, N2O, NOx, and CH4) emission estimation. Being a developing country BD is contributing GHGs in a very negligible rate. The transportation sector of BD is also less important sector in case of GHGs contributors. From this sector the major GHG is CO2. CO2 is the main GHG among all of the gases in transportation sector in BD and in 2005 the emission of CO2 is 7977Gg. CO is the second highest emitted GHGs in transportation sector in BD and in 2005 the emission of CO is about 253Gg. The emission of NOx is about 20.25Gg, CH4 is about 1.26Gg, N2O is about 0.15Gg. Estimated afforestation required to absorb CO2 emitted from transportation sector in the base year 2005 it required 1.15×109m2 of afforestation. It is found that, 1 ton of concrete composed of eco-cement consume 180 Kg of CO2 in about 4-5 months.


Rashid. H.A, BSc in Agrotechnology (Hon's), PGDBA, Training & Media Communication Officer, SAFE (Social Activities For Environment).
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