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Uses the under-studied genre of melodrama as a critical prism for understanding Russian/Soviet history, politics and culture--in particular, the uses to which popular culture was put in the Soviet period.


Louise McReynolds is Professor of History at the University of Hawai'i.Joan Neuberger is Associate Professor of History at the University of Texas.


"[A] talented and original group of scholars on Russian melodrama . . . . [A] fine job of asking new questions, examining well-known material from new perspectives, and applying a range of methodologies to a genre that benefits from such new analysis. . . . "Imitations of Life" is an excellent book that should appeal to professional historians and literary scholars, as well as to students enrolled in Russian studies courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. It offers much to those of us interested in adding a greater sense of texture to our understanding of the Russian cultural and social experience of the last two centuries. McReynolds, Neuberger, and their contributors should be congratulated for the their efforts."
--William Richardson, "History: Review of New Books"
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