China's Urban Space: Development Under Market Socialism

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November 2007



1. Introduction 2. The Political Economy of Chinese Urbanization 3. "Seeing like a State": The Urbanization Project in China Post-1978 4. Representing Urbanization in China: Official and Unofficial Readings of the Process 5. City Core and the Periphery: The Case of Guangdong and Hong Kong Extended Metropolitan Region 6. Emerging Urbanization in the Pearl River Delta: A Case Study of Dongguang 7. Manipulating the Margins: The Case of Shanghai 8. Rural Agglomeration and Urbanization in the Lower Yangzi Delta: The "Urban Echo" in Kunshan 9. Divergent Urbanization Paths in the Shenyang-Dalian Urban Corridor, Liaoning Province 10. Reviewing the Case Studies: Dimensions of Scale in the Chinese Urbanization Process 11. Conclusion: Rewriting China's Urban Future


Terry McGee is currently Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia George C.S. Lin is Professor and Head of the School of Geography, The University of Hong Kong. Andrew M. Marton is Associate Professor and Reader in Chinese Geography in the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, University of Nottingham, UK. Mark Yaolin Wang is Senior Lecturer in the School of Social and Environmental Enquiry, The University of Melbourne, Australia. Jiaping Wu is a Research Fellow with School for Social and Policy Research at Charles Darwin University, Australia.
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