Reconfigurable Computing

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A one-of-a-kind survey of the field of Reconfigurable Computing

Gives a comprehensive introduction to a discipline that offers a 10X-100X acceleration of algorithms over microprocessors

Discusses the impact of reconfigurable hardware on a wide range of applications: signal and image processing, network security, bioinformatics, and supercomputing

Includes the history of the field as well as recent advances

Includes an extensive bibliography of primary sources


Chapter 1. An Introduction to Reconfigurable Computing. 1.1 What is RC? 1.2 RC Architectures. 1.3 How did RC originate? 1.4 Inside the FPGA. 1.5 Mapping Algorithms to Hardware . 1.6 RC Applications. 1.7 Example: Dot Product. 1.8 Further Reading. Chapter 2. Reconfigurable Logic Devices. 2.1 Field-Programmable Gate Arrays. 2.2 Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Arrays. 2.3 Summary. Chapter 3. Reconfigurable Computing Systems. 3.1 Parallel Processing on Reconfigurable Computers. 3.2 A Survey of Reconfigurable Computing Systems. 3.3 Summary. Chapter 4. Languages and Compilation. 4.1 Design Cycle. 4.2 Languages. 4.3 High Level Compilation. 4.4 Low Level Design Flow. 4.5 Debugging Reconfigurable Computing Applications. 4.6 Summary. Chapter 5. Signal Processing Applications. 5.1 What is Digital Signal Processing? 5.2 Why Use Reconfigurable Computing for DSP? 5.3 DSP Application Building Blocks. 5.4 Example DSP Applications. Chapter 6. Image Processing. 6.1 RC for Image and Video Processing. 6.2 Local Neighborhood Functions. 6.3 Convolution. 6.4 Morphology. 6.5 Feature Extraction. 6.6 Automatic Target Recognition. 6.7 Image Matching. 6.8 Evolutionary Image Processing. 6.9 Summary. Chapter 7. Network Security. 7.1 Cryptographic Applications. 7.2 Network Protocol Security. 7.3 Summary. Chapter 8. Bioinformatics Applications. 8.1 Introduction. 8.2 Applications. 8.3 Dynamic Programming Algorithms. 8.4 Seed-Based Heuristics. 8.5 Profiles, HMMs and Language Models. 8.6 Bioinformatics FPGA Accelerators. 8.7 Summary. Chapter 9. Supercomputing Applications. 9.1 Introduction. 9.2 Monte Carlo Simulation of Radiative Heat Transfer. 9.3 Urban Road Traffic Simulation. 9.4 Summary. References. Index.
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