Fluid New York: Cosmopolitan Urbanism and the Green Imagination

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Juli 2013



Fluid New York offers reflections on how New York began to incorporate the city's archipelago ecology into plans for a livable and sustainable future in the decade between September 11 and Hurricane Sandy.


May Joseph is Professor of Social Science at the Pratt Institute, where she teaches urbanism, global studies, and visual culture. She is the founder of Harmattan Theater, which produces site-specific outdoor productions exploring the history of New York City through its architecture, design, and natural environment. Joseph is the author of "Nomadic Identities: The Performance of Citizenship" and a coeditor (with Jennifer Natalya Fink) of "Performing Hybridity."


"Fluid New York is a beautifully written and conceived book. Based on rich ethnographic material, May Joseph develops a persuasive vision of New York as a city with an emerging culture of 'fluid urbanism.' Her compelling arguments offer a way to rethink space and performative cultures in cities such as Bangalore, Beijing, and Dar es Salaam, and to put New York in dialogue with those cities and their urbanisms. This is wonderful, vivid, and insightful work." - Smriti Srinivas, author of Landscapes of Urban Memory and In the Presence of Sai Baba "This important book illuminates new ideas that took hold of the bodies and minds of New Yorkers in the decade after September 11. May Joseph's New York is characterized by the radical implosion and intensification of global difference. Her narrative consistently gives voice to people who have always been present in New York but not often heard from." - Brian McGrath, Research Chair in Urban Design, Parsons The New School for Design
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