Jewels of Stringology

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Mai 2002



This work deals with the basic algorithms in the area of stringology. It reflects the relationships between applications of text-algorithmic techniques and the classification of algorithms according to the measures of complexity considered.


Contents: Stringology; Basic String Searching Algorithms; Preprocessing for Basic Seachings; On-Line Construction of Suffix Trees; More on Suffix Trees; Subword Graphs; Text Algorithms Related to Sorting; Symmetries and Repetitions in Texts; Constant-Space Searchings; Text Compression Techniques; Automata-Theoretic Approach; Approximate Pattern Matching; Matching by Dueling and Sampling; Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching; Two-Dimensional Periodicities; Parallel Text Algorithms; Miscellaneous.


.,." nicely covers material from the famous KMP and BM algorithms to suffix trees ..."
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