63: The Story of the 1963 World Championship Chicago Bears

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September 2004



Guided by legendary coach/owner George Halas, the 1963 Chicago Bears came together to produce one memorable season. Their story, told through the eyes of the players and coaches who were there, provides a humorous and compelling look back at professional football in the early 1960s. The unrelenting Chicago defense under the tutelage of a youthful George Allen dominated pro football in 1963, etching their rightful place in history as one of the great defenses of all time. Led by true giants of the game--Mike Ditka, Doug Atkins, Bill George, Stan Jones--this group of tough, hard-nosed athletes pulled together to win a World Championship. Relive that remarkable season with penetrating stories of their battles on and off the field.


Maury Youmans is director of sports marketing for Rosser International, Inc., an architectural and engineering firm. Gary Youmans is a sports marketing consultant and has owned a minor league basketball team. He was a member of the Syracuse University football team in 1959. He went on to play defensive end for the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys, retiring in 1965. The Youmans coauthored '59: The Story of the 1959 Syracuse National Championship Football Team.

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